Destiny USA Remediation

Project Highlights:

– 75′ Long cut off trench

– Completed within project time frame

– Completed within budget

Summary of project

TRIDENT Environmental Group, LLC was selected to provide soils remediation of 30,000 CY on the Sun 1 Parcel located at the corner of Hiawatha and Solar Street in Syracuse, New York. The time constraint of 30 days on this project was a very difficult item for the competition. TRIDENT was confident that the remediation could be completed within the 30 day time frame.

Project approach for oil spill

In order to guarantee project completion within the required time frames for the Sun 1 Parcel we decided to conduct an insitu blending of Biosolve, non chlorinated water and 30-10-10 fertilizer solution. Based on site conditions we decided to mix the solution into “cells” measuring 15.67’ by 15.67’ by 5.5’ deep (50 CY) which we had surveyed and staked off. We used an auto cad version of the site plan with boundaries of the proposed remediation area in order to manage our progress during construction. Each of the cells received 150 gallons of water, 5 gallons of Biosolve and 5 lbs of 30-10-10 water soluble fertilizer. Each of the cells was then mixed utilizing an excavator with a customized blending head. We conceptually developed these ideas based on the time constraints of the project. Our approach was developed keeping all of these issues in mind. TRIDENT was able to meet the required time frame of 30 days for the 30,000 cubic yards.