Waste Transportation

Trident Environmental Group recognizes that in today’s environmentally conscious society, proper waste management is essential.

Trident can assist your organization with the intricate web of waste regulations, as well as the handling, packaging and removal of hazardous and solid wastes in their site.

    • Transportation – Our team is able to mobilize equipment and machinery relevant to a variety of different waste services. Anything from roll off trucks, vacuum trucks, dump trailers, frac tanks, and several other options are all available depending on what we’re transporting, destination, and volume of product. Our field technicians and drivers work efficiently on the clock to complete projects in a timely manner.
    • Handling & Packaging – Our company’s top priority is safety. Our field technicians are always equipped with site-specific PPE that meets all regulations and standards both inside and outside of the company. No matter what we are handling, our team focuses on efficiency and quality work. Anything like old paint cans, leaking drums, and even human waste are all handled and packaged accordingly. We have truly seen just about everything over the years and we have learned how to appropriately handle each material we come across.
    • Disposal – We follow several state regulations on proper disposal routines to ensure that our materials are being disposed of correctly. From labor to paperwork and everything in between, our field and office team all have roles all throughout the disposal process
    • Lab Pack – Hazardous chemical wastes can fill up your kitchen cabinets, university classrooms, and analytical labs rather fast. Our role is to make sure that each material is stored correctly and safely before we identify and categorize it for disposal. Often time this requires our team to repack certain items so that they meet safety and quality standards.


Latest News 

The James D.P. Farrell Award for Brownfields Project of the Year

The James D.P. Farrell Award for Brownfields Project of the Year

Trident Environmental Group, LLC is proud to have been part of the team for the Worcester Ice Center project, which was presented the Environmental Business Council New England 2018 James D.P. Farrell Award for Brownfields Project of the Year. This award, established...

Trident Assists with Watertown Main Street Shut Down After Oil Leak

Trident Assists with Watertown Main Street Shut Down After Oil Leak

Police closed off Main Street (Route 20) between Spring Street and Waverley Avenue overnight after an oil-cooled transmission line that runs from Brighton to Watertown ruptured. Crews covered the pavement in sand to absorb the leaking oil and the road was then torn up...

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