Norfolk company cleans cruisers, fire trucks for Wrentham, Norfolk and Plainville.


Article By: David Linton DAVE LINTON


A local company cleaned and disinfected police cruisers and fire trucks for area departments over the weekend.

Trident Environmental Group worked on Wrentham, Norfolk and Plainville vehicles at no cost to the taxpayers.

Wrentham police sent 10 cruisers to the company, where workers cleaned them and sprayed them with a disinfectant.

“It basically kills everything,” Wrentham Police Chief Bill McGrath said Monday.

McGrath thanked the company for the service and said the police officers on his department appreciate it.

The department also now has a clothes washer and dryer so officers can clean their uniforms before going home.

Police officers are often the first on the scene to offer emergency medical assistance and deal with blood and other bodily fluids, McGrath said. “We don’t want officers ending their shift with a soiled uniform and taking it home,” he said.

Taking advantage of the services at Trident, Plainville sent two ambulances and some cruisers. The departments share their own disinfectant sprayers but the Trident service is more thorough, officials said.

“They go above and beyond that,” Plainville Fire Chief Justin Alexander said.

Trident has equipment that can clean and disinfect an ambulance in 10 minutes, he said.

“That’s what they do. We appreciate everything they do to help,” Alexander said.

Plainville Police Chief James Alfred said the service was in addition to the cleaning police and firefighters do to their vehicles each day.

Likewise in Norfolk, the facilities department at the public safety building uses electrostatic guns that deploy a disinfectant to coat the surfaces of vehicles and the building every day, Deputy Police Chief Jon Carroll said. In addition, the departments have sprayers that are used to disinfect vehicles, Carroll said.

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