Liquid Boot ®

Protect your Investment from Vapor Intrusion!

LIQUID BOOT® is the most extensively used under slab gas vapor membrane we use in the United States.

Liquid Boot

Liquid Boot

Liquid Boot

Liquid Boot Services

  • Experienced and professional membrane design expertise.
  • Comprehensive chemical and physical property testing data.
  • Sophisticated quality control procedures.
  • Price competitive against other membrane systems.
  • Spray application provides excellent sealing of penetrations
  • Significant cost saving of conventional sheet membranes
  • Function well in large industrial or small residential applications
  • Rapid and simplified installation minimizes construction time
  • Over 30 years of proven performance and successful installations of millions of square feet of LIQUID BOOT®

At TRIDENT Environmental Group we offer full LIQUID BOOT® services as well as other extensive environmental solutions.

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