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TRIDENT is constantly involved in activities around the nation to assist in the cleanup & maintenance of environmental concerns due to various situations. Stay on top of our most recent involvements by checking in frequently to this page!

William Nineve, founder and member of Trident Environmental Group, said: “I am proud to welcome a seasoned professional and an experienced strategy leader like Sarah to the team. In her new role, Sarah will help drive our ambition and vision, as the environmental contractor of choice for clients, partners and employees. Sarah is charged with […]

This additional equipment will allow will allow us to better service our customers for emergency and scheduled projects involving various hazardous and non-hazardous liquids and sludges.

Photo Credit: TransCanada Keystone Pipeline leak estimated at 17000 gallons According to, the company was given conditional approval to restart the pipeline today by the federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. TRP still has not said what caused the leak, which was reported Saturday; it does say the leak poses no threat to […]

Mitigation of Vapor Intrusion by Passive Vapor Barrier.

Safety Nuggets is a brief question/answer tool that provides a quick review of information or knowledge-based content, such as regulations, procedure reviews, product knowledge, or reference information.

Various farms will be disinfected to prevent the spreading of the Avian Flu before the farms continue their farming operations. Other photos of the disinfection process will be posted later upon photo availability.

Trident Environmental Group, LLC is pleased to announce that our hazardous waste transporter registration application has been received and accepted by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has completed its review of Trident Environmental Group, LLC application for a Massachusetts Hazardous Waste Transporter license.

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