Health & Safety

We make our commitment to safety a top priority, and we continually enhance our safety program to remain up to date and competitive.

All Trident personnel have completed 40-hour OSHA training along with 8-hour annual refreshers.


We are proud of our exceptional Experience Modification Rate (EMR), a factor used by the insurance industry to rate workers compensation premiums based on contractor safety performance and loss history.

2017 0.87
2018 0.89
2019 0.99

Incident Ratings

Trident Environmental Group, LLC maintains excellent OSHA ratings including OSHA recordable incident rate (health and safety incidents per 200,000 work hours) and lost time incidents (injuries or occupational illnesses that result in time away from work). Recordable Incident Rate

Recordable Incident Rate
YEAR Recordable Incident Rate
2017 0.00
2018 0.00
2019 0.00
Lost Time Incident Rate
YEAR Lost Time Incident Rate
2017 0.00
2018 0.00
2019 0.00

Providing effective high quality solutions for our client's environmental, health and safety concerns since 1994.